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At Subaru of Mandan,in Mandan, we realize how hard you have worked to earn your college degree whether in North Dakota or through a different state institution. Now is the time to start enjoying the benefits of your education, and stepping into the seat of a new Subaru vehicle in Mandan, North Dakota. Subaru vehicles are known for their reliability, protective safety features and fuel-efficiency, along with standard symmetrical all-wheel drive and cargo-carrying versatility. Whether you're staying close to home or ready to venture off across the country, Subaru vehicles give you the capability for adventure, no matter the day or destination. 

Enjoy Life. Stay Safe. Love Every Mile. You've Earned It. Congratulations, College Graduate! 
Program Requirements
Vehicle Eligibility
All New and Used (up to three model years old) Subaru vehicles and all Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Subaru vehicles, regardless of age, are eligible. All New Subaru vehicles are eligible for lease.
Customer Eligibility
• Applicant who will be graduating within six months or who has graduated up to 36 months from date of application with an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree from an accredited 2- or 4-year U.S. college, graduate school (including doctorate) or nursing school.
Applicant must provide proof of graduation:
    o For the student who will be graduating within the next six months, either 1) a letter from the registrar's office
stating graduation date and type of degree or 2) copy of transcript that states current classes, credits earned,
and credits needed for degree.
    o For the applicant who has graduated within 36 months from date of application: a diploma or copy of final
transcript that states type of degree and date earned.
• No derogatory credit history, past or present
• For joint applications, both applicants must meet all program eligibility requirements.
• Program eligibility is subject to Subaru Motors Finance's (SMF's) review of all documentation and verification
before funding; additional documentation may be required.
• Applicant must have proof of employment and income. If employment has not yet started, a letter from the future
employer that shows a start date within 90 days of the graduation date and salary is required, along with verbal
verification from current or future employer.
Product Parameters
• Retail: All New (including new, untitled demos with less than 6,000 miles), Used (up to three model years old)
Subaru vehicles and all CPO Subaru vehicles are eligible.
    o Maximum term is 72 months and the maximum booked LTV with aftermarket is 125% of invoice.
• Lease: All New (including new, untitled demos with less than 6,000 miles) Subaru vehicles. Maximum advance is 100% of MSRP up to 48 months.
• Maximum Amount Financed or Maximum Capitalized Cost is $35,000.
• Standard rates apply. Retailer participation in accordance with SMF policy.

All applications subject to credit approval by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. through SMF and programs may change at any time. Not all programs available in all states. Contact Shawn Weekes for complete information and to begin your application.