Added Security covers wear and tear of covered components. What does that mean to you?

When you compare Added Security mechanical coverage to the competition, Non-Subaru extended service agreements have the simple goal of being profitable to the seller. Subaru, on the other hand, stands behind the Added Security program because our goal is to ensure that your ownership experience makes you want to buy another Subaru. If a covered component breaks, our Subaru-trained technicians will fix it. And as with your original Subaru warranty, we use only new or Subaru re-manufactured parts - not "like" or used parts.

Wear and Tear: the importance of fine print.

With Added Security, Subaru will cover parts that fail to perform as originally intended when they were manufactured. And unlike other plans, Subaru's does not exclude wear and tear of covered components (e.g., low engine compression, or excess oil consumption due to worn engine components); consequential damage to other components (e.g., brake caliper repairs requiring new brake pads); struts and constant-velocity joints (even torn CV boots are covered). With Added Security, we'll repair covered components until 100,000 or even 120,000 miles, depending on the plan you select.


Covers major parts, including engine, all-wheel drive (AWD), transmission, towing and car rental.


Various Plans To Suit Your Driving Needs

Many plan options up to 8 years, 120,000 miles and 10 years, 100,000 miles.


Towing and Rental Benefits
During covered repairs, you will receive towing and rental car reimbursements.


Comprehensive Coverage
Includes wear and tear, onboard computers and other items often excluded from service agreements.

Includes Classic Plan coverage plus air conditioning, electrical, steering, front suspension, brakes and more.


Transferable Coverage
Increase your Subaru's resale value with plans up to 8 years, 120,000 miles and 10 years, 100,000 miles.


Genuine Subaru Parts
Repairs are made with genuine Subaru parts by factory trained Subaru technicians.  With Added Security, we do not require the use of non-Subaru parts or "used" parts, no matter how many miles are on your Subaru.


Deductible Options

$0 or $100 deductible options available.  

Contact us at 888-856-2383 today for a customized Subaru Added Security quote for your Subaru!

Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles are eligible for Added Security?

You can buy an Added Security contract for any Subaru still within the original 3 year, 36,000 warranty whether you or not you bought it at our dealership.

What should I do if I have a mechanical breakdown?

Try to get your Subaru back to Subaru of Mandan or the nearest Subaru dealership near you, unless further damage would result from driving it. Otherwise, you can call the toll-free customer service number, (800) 782-2783, for assistance. Added Security is honored throughout the United States and Canada.

What should I do if I need roadside assistance?

After we register your plan, you will receive a separate package with detailed information about the services.  The toll free Subaru Roadside Assistance number is (800) 261-2155.

What if I sell my Subaru before the Added Security coverage expires?

To enhance resale value, any remaining coverage can be transferred to a subsequent owner for a small service fee. Or, you can cancel your coverage and receive a prorated refund.  For assistance, contact the dealer where you bought your warranty.

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